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Welcome to the New Site 
It's taken 6 months and a lot of work but I believe you'll really benefit from this new site.

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Welcome to United World Telecom for Me.  

We offer a variety of high-quality telephone services to save you money on your international calls.

Please select a page from our pull-down menu at the top or click on a 
link to learn how to make the cheapest international calls and how we can serve you best.


Personal Toll-Free Number has exploded in popularity for both business clients who want to encourage more customers and also for households who want an easy to remember Toll-Free number which they can divert to different phones when they wish. 
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Call My Global Number Never Be Out Of Contact Wherever You Are In The World. Own a unique USA or Global phone number that can forward your incoming calls to any phone number in the world 
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Conference Calling a one-stop source for many of the top performing audio conferencing, video conferencing, web conferencing, conference calls and teleconferencing services at some of the lowest prices available today. 
Mobil UWT Mobile SIM is an advanced sim roaming product that allows international travelers to bypass extremely high roaming international fees charged by mobile phone operators. UWT Mobile SIM card comes ready to use with any unlocked GSM phone and with a personal phone number. 
To view rates CLICK HERE
International Callback is out biggest selling service. Use it to avoid telecom monopolies in any country and make calls at low U.S. prices instead. 
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Virtual Calling Card is an excellent post-paid service for travelers. Use it from over 30 countries and save as much as 85% on competitor global calling card. 
To view rates or purchase calling cards online CLICK HERE
US Connect. offers you all the benefits of our Virtual Calling Card but with lower rates and no need for a PIN number. This is an incredible service for anybody based in the USA. 
To view rates or purchase calling cards online CLICK HERE
VoIP is the cheapest way for anybody with internet access to make calls. Simply download our free software and make calls through your computer. 
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All our services are available under just one account. You will find us…
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